The Weiss Analytics Advantage

All Weiss Analytics Reports are built for the sole purpose of improving high stakes decision-making for investors exposed to the $30 trillion of US home assets and the economy that home values often dominate. A single Weiss tear sheet clearly depicting a market shift can influence a bank board or the C suite executives to take decisive action that can prevent bankruptcy or double the value of the enterprise over the ensuing years.

Continously updated reports that show evolving market conditions, give decision-makers confidence to stay the course and make needed changes ahead of their peers, before its too late.

Past and Future

Capture reports with historical changes and forecasts.

Illustration of One Year Forecast

Index Tools

Create reports containing any combination of indexes at the metro, Zip and property address level. You can also include the Percent Rising time series for any metro for single family homes or condos.

Index Tools

Segmentation Reports

Weiss Segmentation Reports can answer questions like "what to build", "what to buy", or “what to renovate” in a given market. Using the reports, a developer, investor, mortgage company, home buyer, or home owner can determine what kinds of homes are performing the strongest in a defined market and which attributes of a home drive the most value in that area.

Preview of Segmentation Report

Weiss Maps

Weiss Maps dynamically illustrate historic and predictive trends for metro levels, and 5 digit Zip Codes, for a period of 18 years back to one year into the future. Weiss Maps reveal and forewarn of never before seen trends in markets, often showing waves of value changes moving across a geographic area like a weather event.

New trends can therefore be discovered, new sub markets defined and ranked, and thus better decisions can be made. Weiss Maps are also available in static format. Both formats are updated monthly with the latest pricing data.

Preview of Metro Map